Frequently Asked Questions

Why build a sunroom in South Jersey?

A sunroom ensures the interior of your room remains cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter providing outdoor living….indoors! You can enjoy the seashore’s beautiful climate day or night, all year long protected from inclement weather and pesky insects.

Where can South Jersey Sunrooms build my new room?

Sunrooms can be built on a new or existing concrete slab, deck, patio, porch, or almost any other location next to or underneath a pre-existing structure.

What type of warranty is offered when purchasing a Sunroom?

Our sunrooms come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects. In addition, South Jersey Sunrooms offers a 1 year warranty on our workmanship.

What about the hassle of construction?

Forget the idea of traditional construction. South Jersey Sunrooms are manufactured to your individual specifications. Installation causes minimal disruption (debris, dust, etc.), and won’t require substantial modifications to your home.

What is an All Season Room?

This fabulous sunroom can be used year round. All Season Sunrooms have Insulated Glass Windows. All of the walls, window frames, and doors are made of a Vinyl Composite. The room is built with an internal bracket system that totally eliminates unsightly screw heads. These rooms are one of a kind; there is no other sunroom like it on the market.

What is an Eze-Breeze Window?

This unique option is available for Three Season Sunrooms as well as Screen Rooms. These windows are made of vinyl and are shatter proof. It is the only window that can give you 75% airflow and has a full screen behind it; the window can be stacked either at the top or bottom. When the vinyl windows are closed tight during inclement weather, you will have an air tight room, keeping out everything you don’t want in. They also tilt in for easy cleaning.

What are the benefits of a Screen Room?

100% Airflow without the inclement weather, leaves, or bugs!

What is a Gable Style Roof?

A Gable room has a peak in its roof; trapezoid windows usually accompany this type of roof system for added light

What types of windows are available?

The types of windows you can choose from depend on the room that you select. There are Horizontal Rollers, Single Hung, Double Hung, Fixed Lites, Side Sliders, Vertical Four-Track and Shatter-Resistant Vinyl Glazing. Our windows come with such options as security locks, operable double sliders, tempered glass, and fully removable screens. They meet the national glass code and dual tempered glass is A-Rated ALI Laboratory.

How will the sunroom hold up to harsh weather and elements?

Each of our sunrooms is designed to International Residential Code (IRC) standards. We have designs to withstand exterior conditions including snow loads and high winds. Engineering specifications are available for exact requirements. Vinyl is a great insulator and does not deteriorate under weather conditions.

Will it add value to my home?

A recent survey by the National Association of Remodelers reports that a sunroom retains 92% of its value. In comparison, a swimming pool maintains only 30%, and a family room addition maintains 70% of their value.

How is a sunroom built?

Once the design of your project is completed and a permit is obtained, South Jersey Sunrooms places your order. The factory prepares materials specifically for your project while site preparation takes place at your home. Materials are then delivered and installation of your sunroom is completed quickly and efficiently.

How long will it take to build my new Sunroom?

Depending on the complexity of your sunroom, our contractors can finish your project within a week or so. When South Jersey Sunrooms starts a project we always stay until it is completely finished.

What about South Jersey Sunroom's workmanship?

Our service is ranked among the best in the industry, with hundreds of satisfied customers. We approach every project with professionalism, craftsmanship, dependability, and the highest levels of quality control.

What is a Three Season Room?

These rooms have Non-Insulated Windows. They are designed for the person who wants to prolong the use of their deck area or concrete slab but doesn’t want to put heat or air conditioning in and is on a tight budget. Our Three Season Sunrooms are made entirely of Aluminum.

What are the benefits of a Screen Room?

100% Airflow without the inclement weather, leaves, or bugs!

What is a Studio Style Roof?

A Studio room has a roof that runs out from your house with required slope for drainage. There is no peak with a Studio style room however transoms can be added for extra light.

What is the Maintenance for my Sunroom?

South Jersey Sunrooms are designed to be easily maintained. Glass can be cleaned with any household glass cleaner. Vinyl windows can be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and Wool-Light or Murphy Oil Soap. Screens pop out for easy cleaning also. The structure may need a periodic cleansing with a mild household detergent & water solution to remove pollutant build-up. If an accident occurs that damages the room in any way there are many simple ways to repair and touch up the damaged section. We are located right in Cape May County, so repairs are handled quickly and easily. Click here for detailed Eze-Breeze Window Care and Cleaning Instructions.

What kind of electric can be installed in my sunroom?

Electric can easily be added to your sunroom by a licensed electrician. Anything from ceiling fans, TV outlets, phone lines, lighting fixtures, and receptacles can be installed where you choose. Vinyl rooms are available with an electrical raceway package to conceal wiring. Rooms with raceway packages are designed to National Electric Code (NEC) specifications. Please consult your local electrician for regional requirements.

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